Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. Application
    The user shall apply for Cancellation and refund by writing an application along documentary evidence showing us a valid and genuine reason for Cancellation or Refund by mailing us at through the registered email ID.
  2. Approval
    The Cancellation and refund application shall be verified and upon Scrutiny the application may be approved or rejected or partly approved and partly rejected. That the decision to approve or reject an application shall be on the sole discretion taken by us and the user hereby agree to abide by the decision taken by us. In case of rejection we shall not be liable or responsible for any harm or damage caused to the user.
  3. Refund Policy
    All the Services offered shall come with an option of Cancellation and refund Policy. Within 3 days of rendering of service, you can apply for refund along with an application which shall be accompanied with documentary evidence showing the reason for Cancellation and refund.
    A Refund Request will be deemed valid only if it is made through an email to
    No Refund will be provided after 3 days from rendering of service and there shall be no questions asked regarding Cancellation or refund or reason for non-cancellation or refund.
    Refunds shall be made to bank account within 30 working days of receipt of products.
    The Mode of refund shall be the same as is the mode of payment and the same shall be made within 30 days of approval of application or receipt of product whichever is later.